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Meishan Township Office

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Meishan Township Office網站


The course of history

    Talk about the origin of Meishan Township

    Meishan Township was an area at the foot of a mountain that both people on business and on trips will definitely pass by, and someone opened a stall by the stream to sell “rice pudding congee”. The Fujianese called congee “Mi”, and an old legend goes that the Fujianese pronunciation of “Mei” and “Mi” are similar, so “MeiZaiKeng” appeared as early as in “JhuLuoSianJhih”. Meishan Township was “ChengTianFuTianSingSianDaMaoDongBaoMeiZaiKengJhuang” at the very beginning , and the name was changed to “MeiZaiKeng area” during the Japanese occupation and changed again to “SiaoMeiJhuang” later. After the retrocession of Taiwan, “SiaoMei” was changed again to “Meishan Township”, which has been used until now, and there are currently 18 villages in the township.

    The future of Meishan Township - the township of healthy learning

    Meishan Township has been quite improved under the active advocates of all kinds of basic construction and balanced local development from people of every community. However, in addition to hardware and concrete construction, how to build a township of healthy learning is a question that everyone pays more attention to. Therefore, the combination of industries, tourism, and culture will be expanded sustainably through all kinds of exhibitions or large cultural activities successively, expecting to improve the quality of life and showing a brilliant perspective for the future.

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