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Industrial culture

    Meishan Township - a mountain area without the bustle of industries, and a variety of products is formed due to the different heights of the terrain, and the industries here are mainly agriculture and forestry operating together.

    Before the retrocession of Taiwan, the crops in the mountains and forests were mainly cedars, dendrocalamus latiflorus latiflorus, phyllostachys makinoi, and fruits. Moreover, dried bamboo shoots, papermaking, and firewood were important sidelines for residents. After the retrocession of Taiwan, the planting of tea, hesperidium, betel nuts, and wax apples has gradually increased, which are currently important products of our township.

    As society changes, the processing industries of barreled bamboo shoots, papermaking, bamboo weaving, woodenware, firewood, and others that used to be extremely popular have gradually been replaced with promoted quality agriculture. The agricultural products and specialties of Meishan Township, increasing with quality agriculture, such as kaoshan tea, wax apples, orchids, awkeotsang, sweet persimmons, plum fruits, and others, along with tourist orchards are gaining popularity with people all over Taiwan.

    Orchids are a flower that is cultivated in greenhouses, so it is not limited to the terrain and is a high-cash crop. There are currently Taiwan jewel orchids, Cymbidium tracyanum Rolfe, Oncidium flexuosum, Phalaenopsis, and other orchids, and the cultivating area is approximately 7.50 hectares.

    Local industries cannot be matured without a lot of reforms, and the people living in the township seriously improve their agricultural products by their optimism and unyielding spirit so that the industrial culture can be developed sustainably.

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