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    Seek the wisdom of the ancestors ~ and create the folk scents again

    A pure land does not allow the bustle of culture to prevent the passing of the folk arts and skills due to its development and improvement. Instead, the local people are more contributed to inheriting the folk arts and skills again aggressively to arouse more people to be be bathed in the growing folk artery, to be enthusiastic about folk learning, and to urge the improvement of community culture.

    Currently, the folk arts museum at Taiping community has a collection of all kinds of local folk implements in the township. The beiguan group at TongLeSyuan of AnJing community has a very long history, so they will be invited to perform in small or large temple fairs and the National Community Fair. Moreover, the performance of the bamboo pipe musical instrument of Meishan Elementary School fully exhibits the local characteristics, and the weaving of bamboo implements is delicate and cute with various shapes and colors, complete explaining the deep connection of Meishan Township and rhizome forest.

    Meishan Township Cultural and Educational Foundation has held a series of joint exhibition of the artworks from folk artists, allowing amateur artists to have the opportunity to show their works. Moreover, the plum drawing, pottery, and hand-made pots among the exhibited works are all masterpieces, worthy of the appreciation of everyone.

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